Identical Jeans, Comfortable Lies And Nine Years Of Bad Luck.

Going through my fourth or fifth cycle of watching all seasons of Community I returned to the first episode where Britta tells Jeff that the only thing she can’t accept is a person lying to her. Thinking back, this is pretty much a staple as a deal breaker among people in television. It’s pretty common for people to be tolerant towards pretty much everything except being lied to. I get that, I mean on paper it seems legit to not be lied to by a loved one, but i don’t think it really applies as a universal principle.

Humans a fragile fucking people. We are constantly lied to, and we want to be lied to. Advertisements lie to us constantly. People want to believe that that cream will make your girlfriends envy you, or that deodorant will have women diving into your pants. Buts that’s materialistic. Our friends lie to us, and we know it. When my best friend broke up with his girl, she was immediately downgraded to ‘bitch’. I didn’t care what happened but she was wrong and that was that. When they got back together *eye-roll* we were all good with it. We said they just had a bad patch and “shit happens”. Both of us were in on the fact that I was lying to my friend. What about when you tell your girlfriend that that dress looks awesome when you have no idea how it’s different from the one she just changed out of. Or worse, Jeans! All jeans are identical to me except for the color. We lie about enjoying someone’s company, or about appreciating someone’s achievement to mask our jealousy. We lie about enjoying the same things as our crush, or blame our absence/ incomplete work at an imaginary reason.

I think if we weren’t lied to, then the world would be a miserable place. Sometimes I wonder if technology achieved the ability to read minds then there would probably be widespread chaos. Your boss would know it wasn’t your grandma’s funeral, your teacher would know that you don’t even have a dog, and neither does your neighbor. Your wife would know that she does look fat in those jeans, government diplomats would see right through their international counterparts and restaurant servers would never get tips. I know that TV characters mean a much more severe kind of lie but I think it eventually gets generalized.

I, for one, am glad that we’re lied to because I’m pretty sure for the last 9 years my best friend’s parents feel I’ve been a terrible influence. I’m glad for their sake too because the quiet, polite boy they see at the dinner table is not the same person I meet outside.


Political Ghosts And Roman Dogs.

I came across an article earlier that said that while Somalia has a government, it’s the closest a country comes to being an Anarchist state. Being lucky enough that every country I was brought up in maintained political balance I find it hard to imagine a country overrun by chaos. One of my favorite documentaries, Ghosts of Cité Soleil, depicts a sector of Haiti that is ruled by gangs, no police, no security, just gang members. That’s pretty intense.

I guess what my observation/question with relation to disorder bred by poverty is, when poverty kicks in and people have to depend on their survival instincts, why is the result always violent? Does this mean that (a) when left with nothing, man’s tendency is to become violent, after all even a dog left to starve will eventually attack its master, or (b) modern society over the years has become so polished (sensitive) that what should be normal behavior in nature is unacceptable by the standards of modern civilisation?

Is that then evidence of man being inherently “evil”, where without management he will eventually turn to violence? Or rather a reflection on the evolution of human society, where the majority has decided what is right and wrong? Civilisation keeps changing the meaning of civil because we know that there was a time when for sport even the greatest empire in the world watched people get butchered in a Colosseum.